About A Chateau Kitchen

A Chateau Kitchen is a co-op commercial kitchen in Winter Park, Florida. Founded by Donna Moore, a chocolatier, and entrepreneur. When Donna started her chocolate business and began looking for an affordable licensed kitchen for her expanding business and upon finding nothing suitable and talking with other local businesswomen having the same troubles, Donna created A Chateau Kitchen.
In November 2009 local residents, business owners, and community leaders joined to support Donna for the grand opening of A Chateau Kitchen, a brand new, licensed kitchen that offers culinary women a place to manufacture their products in a clean and friendly environment. produces her candies there and leases the kitchen to other culinary businesses. Other businesses that work out of the kitchen include AE Foods, Cathy's Cajun Cuisines, Chunky Junk Granola, Our Biscotti, Pesto Diva and Scheff Bakes.

"As I continued to receive more interest in my chocolates, my biggest obstacle was finding an affordable kitchen space where I could grow my business and produce my products in a licensed facility,"

-Donna Moore